TrackDigits Hotfix

  • Editing of Claim and Sale logs can be done via the ‘Edit’ button.
  • We added the ‘Sold’ field to the vesting card. Now you can see the number of tokens sold.
  • Now you can automatically fill in the ‘Launchpad Fee’ field when autofilling a project. We also fixed calculation formulas.
  • We added the ‘Total Sale Amount’ value to the sale log tab.
  • ‘Profit’ and ‘Loss’ columns in the table are now highlighted with green and red colors respectively.
  • All numbers in the ‘Next 5 Upcoming Claims’ table are now in the same format, with two numbers after the decimal point.
  • The ‘Notifications Archive’ has been redesigned.
  • Apart from the notification from your Google Calendar, you will now receive notifications on the website via the notifications archive.
  • Your timezone is now automatically checked when populating the token. Previously all calculations were made in UTC.




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